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Classic American Grill. Favourite Drinks.

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Big Appetite

Fresh, Tasty, and Delicious Meals!

Now Serving you Daily! With BIGGER SERVINGS From Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! 

Refreshing Drinks

Special Cocktails Now Serving Along with Several Hand-picked Wines!
12 Craft and Commercial Brews Available!

Events with Live DJ 

The Classic All-American Sports Bar and Restaurant Turns into a Private Event Experience. A Happy, High-Energy Atmosphere Provided for your Entertainment!

When Looking for Grilled Dishes with a Unique Taste, then You Are in the Right Place.

What Our Regulars and Guests Say

“Exceptional Choice”

The food was excellent, the service was friendly and fast, enjoyed a great lunch on the outside patio. Great value!

– Angie B.

Great Spot For Lunch

Reasonable pricing and best of all-supporting locals! Definitely, a spot we would recommend to anyone looking for a noncommercialized place to eat!

– Marcus Sylvia

Great Atmosphere, Great Food

The atmosphere is a sports bar, with a lot of televisions around the room, a place you can watch your favorite sports and just chill! 

– Allen Bronswick

Good Find and Great Bar

A lot of beer on draft, bartenders are awesome in service and friendly.. a couple of times I have been there. 

– Mr Fredrick

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