What Makes Our Grilled Dishes Unique

Among the meals, grilled dishes have most of the orders for the following reasons.


Customized recipe

Our uniqueness is derived from the personalization of our recipes. Yes, you might have tasted grilled dishes in other restaurants or at home. At Front Row Milwaukee, you get finger-licking grilled dishes at affordable prices. It’s a meal you eat and can’t have enough of it, not because of the quantity but the unique taste, including quality.


Fresh, tasty, and delicious meals

Talk about fresh food. Our supply chain is vibrant to the extent we ensure we prepare fresh meals every day. Our high traffic flow of customers means we don’t have any leftovers for the next day. If you have time, you can sit and order; we will prepare the meal from scratch within a short time.

You can take part in the cooking process.

Nothing is a secret in our premise. Our open kitchen service means you can take part in the process. You are sure of what you consume rather than waiting for the meals to be served on your table.

Your wish is our command. You can tell us what to add or not.


We accommodate all, including customers with special needs.


Are you under diet restrictions on health grounds? That’s not a hindrance to a delicious grilled meal. That’s our unique point; even strict vegetarians have something to bite to their fill once they step in our premises. Look at our menu and order the grilled meals specifically for vegetarians; you won’t be disappointed.


Selective use of ingredients, herbs, and spices

Our resident chefs have mastered the art of using spices and herbs so that you get to enjoy the meals and the health 

benefits that also come with these medicinal plants. 

We are not like the rest who tend to overuse or underuse, destroying the BBQs’ original taste. When we say we have top personnel, then these are the effects. The wildest cravings you have after the taste of one meal here is enough to get you addicted to our special meals. 


Diversity in BBQs

We have over twenty different recipes of the same food product: beef or chicken or bacon or fish or seafood or vegetable sandwich under one roof. You’ll be spoilt for choice.